Finally, a group was established Internet Marketing Elite

Finally, a group was established Internet Marketing Elite
Are you one of the people that operate on the Internet and do not have any job other marketer or whether you're a programmer or designer or ... you are important to operate in the internet (free means you can operate from anywhere in the world is enough to be with you, your computer and an internet connection), you will want to join a secret group on Facebook, there is the only privileged people are working on the internet, then your hello if you are a discerning.
* Special tyro: earnings are greater than $ 2,000 per month, or 24,000 dollars per year
* Special Advanced: earnings are greater than 10,000 dollars a month, or 120 thousand dollars per year
Do you see yourself as one of these, Tired discussions trivial on the job in the Internet that promote in Facebook, Tired debate in the basics, do not want to discuss the job in the Internet in front of people who are not worthy so = Internet Marketing Elite Group is a solution, is a group of Almmazin people all who work on the internet.
You want to be a member, send a message with your real full name, your age, a picture of you, your area of ​​specialization and what my parents are doing, pictures to prove your earnings (do not have to be old must be for the last 90 days), your email, which registered in Facebook so that been accepted are invited to the group, what is the reason that makes for a Khath what they aspired to join. Why has achieved in the last three years and what they aspire to achieve in the next 3 years.
Send all of this to the following e-mail:
In the group that does not share what you sent with the rest of the members are all participation is your name and your age and your picture and your area of ​​specialization.
It will stop accepting new people in the group after the end of the month of September September and then will become of acceptance with the following information + advised your two people from the group and they see you people to be a member.
* Secret group Secret Group can no one can find it when looking at Facebook or to know where those involved, will be sent to invite you in case your application is accepted.

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